Made with the best traditional recipies. Tamales to go!
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Rosca de Reyes

Our love for this Three Kings Bread relies on the classic taste and aroma of this bread.
Tradicional Rosca de Reyes
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What a treat is to enjoy our sweet bread. Try it out and fall in love!
Ordena tu Rosca ya!
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Un toque de sabor dulce para tus eventos.
Ordena tu Rosca ya!
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Pan de Muerto Pan de Muerto

Pan de Muerto

We honor our ancestors through our own and unique traditions
Es temporada del delicioso Pan de Muerto
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A little bit about us

Every day, for the last 50 years we have dedicated ourselves to perfect the sweet Mexican bread, and to us that means everything. Visit us and discover a delicious tradition in sweet bread making and baking, always using the techniques that grandpa taught us.

Panadería & Tamales

Our specialty

All of our products are top notch taste, just the way grand ma would do it. We are a piece of Mexico in the heart of NYC.


Next time you have to entertain or to host a presentation at home or at your office let us know, we do offer great menus for all different occasion. Enjoy from fruit platters, different sandwiches, tamales and Mexican tortas to delicate hors d'oeuvres, all made fresh for you to enjoy.  Please call contact us for further details, Don Paco Lopez will arrange a menu that suits your needs and wants.

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Here you can find mexican meats, cheese and other items such as quesadillas, mexican sándwiches, among other pretty delicious goodies. Come on down or call us for more info.


If you wish to taste and share the best and delicious dessert with mexican flavor, we do offer gelatin for all different occasion.  You can enjoy it in parties and special dates with your family and friends.  We do offer a variety of flavors and colorful gelatin.  Enjoy the best home made artistic flower gelatin and our fruit gelatin in individual cup and family size.

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