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Don Paco López hoy en día tiene una gran variedad en Pan Mexicano. Elaboramos todos los productos pensando en su familia y en la nuestra. Utilizando ingredientes de la más alta calidad, los panes son amasados con la paciencia necesaria y de la misma forma éstos emergen de los hornos cálidos y fragantes para su deleite.

Te gustaría saber de nuestra increíble variedad de panes? Ven y conócelos!

Por que en Don Paco López, de la vista y el sabor nace el amor.

rosca reyes

A year´s long wait is finally here. We invite you to share our most cherished tradition. This oval shaped bread is decorated with seasonal fruits and a unique citrusy aroma. Once you gather with friends and family to cut the Rosca all participants who cut their share and find a small doll he or she is to organize a party for everyone present on February 2nd. What a great way to begin the New Year.We have three different sizes:

Large (15 people) includes 6 plastic dolls

Medium (10- 12 people) includes 4 plastic dolls

Small ( 4-6 people) includes 2 or 3 plastic dolls

Get your Rosca de Reyes before the 6th of January 2017 so you don't miss out on enjoying this sweet tradition. We can deliver to offices up until the 6th of January in Manhattan. Feel free to ask for details on our route and costs. If you'd like to discuss wholesale prices and sales please send us an email. If you are alergic to some ingredients please let us know at

One of the most mystic, beautiful and colorful Mexican traditions is the day of the dead, here at Don Paco we consider ourselves ambassadors of this celebration in NYC. Not only will you be able to find soft and tasty bread, but also coffee mugs, papel picado, and other goodies to help you make a beautiful Altar, but also in our Brooklyn location you can enjoy our Altar which we exhibit so proudly.

Come and enjoy this celebration in October and early November.

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