Tomate Sauce Tamal with chicken and jalapenoTamal with salsa verde and cheeseMole Tamal with porkSweet Tamal with plumTamal Veracruzano with chipotle sauce and chicken wrapped in a banana leafTamal Jarocho


Tamal is one of the most popular Mexican foods, consumed at breakfast or dinner, and can be salty or sweet. The tamales that are made in Don Paco López, Bakery in New York, are made in handmade ways and fillings in different styles and flavors.

We make Mexican Tamales of Green Sauce with Cheese, De Mole with Pork, the delicious Tamales de Rajas with chicken or the traditional Tamales de Rosaditos that are Sweet. 

Our tamales are delicious and they can share them in the celebrations and meetings, but especially in the day of the Candelaria. Many of our diners consider the Tamales of Don Paco Lopez, Bakery as Delicious and the best Tamales of NYC and NY.

We make tamales for wholesale and deliver them in restaurants and shops.

You can found Tamales from Monday to Sunday from 5:30 AM to 12PM

Make your order by phone and we gladly set them apart.

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